Walk In Closets

Ah, the dream of owning a full walk in closet! Sophisticated, stylish and super-efficient, a walk in closet gives its owner ample room for every item as well as being a soothing, luxurious retreat to relax in. We specialize in smart design and create customized closets that perfectly fit your individual needs and lifestyle. In addition to areas for both your folded and hanging clothes, we can add such classic touches as; glass doors for viewing stacked sweaters, multiple slide out drawers for accessories such as jewelry and sunglasses, a center shelving unit that adds a focal point to the room, rotating tie racks and of course, separate shelves for every shoe or purse in your dazzling collection.

Well-appointed décor demands a finishing touch and we have numerous options for finishes, materials and lighting that illuminates the space and completes the contemporary design.

Masters at organizational solutions, we will streamline your space, solve all your organizational problems, and give you the closet you’ve always dreamed of!

Our Milan Collection

Ultra luxe and furniture grade quality, our Milan Collection features premium styles. Here are some examples of our recent work featuring The Milan Collection. 

Our Vettore Collection

Our Vettore Collection is our most popular line and is very cost effective. Here are some examples of our recent work featuring The Vettore Collection. 

Our Senza Collection

With excellent quality and classic styles, our Senza Collection is a great value. Here are some examples of our recent work featuring the Senza Collection. 


Choose from a wide variety of finishes to complete the look and style of your project. We have hundreds of options; everything from African Walnut or Windsor Mahogany in our Classic Collection to various textures such as; Dark Teak or Sand Pine that will add an unique design element to any closet. 

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Closet Accessories

We offer an endless array of organizational options for all your accessories. Everything from rotating tie racks, pull out drawers, deluxe coat hangers, shoe organizers and laundry hampers to hanging bars for scarves or seasonal items. These items add functionality and help keep your space clean and well managed. 

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Custom Designs To Fit Your Investment Range

When we customize a design for you, we consider your space, your style, and your budget. We offer a wide range of quality options so we can satisfy each of our customer's needs.

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