Lighting Accessories

No more fumbling around in the dark, searching endlessly for lost items. We pay special attention to ensure that we include your lighting preferences in the design blueprint. Whether you prefer recessed, spotlights, overhead or puck lights we have a wide variety of options to choose from that will light up your life.


Mounts and strip Lighting


Plug-in Drivers

0-15W: 833.74.900

0-20W (Slim): 833.74.917

0-30W: 833.74.901

0-60W: 833.74.913


Hard-Wired Drivers

20W: 833.02.930

40W: 830.90.270

60W: 833.02.919

100W: 833.02.913

150W: 833.02.914


Drawer Light Systems

24v Driver 0-15W: 833.77.900

24v Driver 0-20W(Slim): 833.77.912

24v Driver 0-30W: 833.77.901

24v Driver 0-75W: 833.77.914

1 5/16" Clothes RodS And Lighting

Available in the following:

Matt Aluminum 4': 830.28.701

Matt Aluminum 8': 830.28.700

Matt Nickel 4': 830.28.711

Matt Nickel 8': 830.28.710

Polished Chrome 4': 830.28.721

Polished Chrome 8': 830.28.720

Dark Oil Rubbed Bronze 4': 830:28.731

Dark Oil Rubbed Bronze 8': 830.28.730



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